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Mobile Homes Have Expande

If you think you know what mobile homes are, think again. Mobile homes are not just a rectangular space. There are abundant types of mobile homes that can be used for renting or leasing. From shipping containers to guest cabins, mobile homes are varied and, often, unique spaces to live, work or entertain guests.

Types of Mobile Homes

Some types of mobile homes include:

  • Modular
  • Manufactured
  • Shipping Containers

Mobile homes can be modular or manufactured. A modular home is built at the factory, using sections. When the site is ready for building, the sections are transported to the homesite. The sections are then assembled, a crawl space may be added and the house is made ready for the final inspection. They can sometimes be less expensive to build than traditional site-built homes.

Manufactured homes are constructed according to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD codes. It is required that this type of home be built on a chassis that is permanent, rather than being built on a foundation. Built in a factory, this type of home is usually less expensive to build than modular or site built homes. Manufactured homes have been called mobile home as well as trailers in the past.

Shipping containers are made of metal and look like a shipping container, although they can be adapted to include sliding glass windows and other features.

A site-built home is what most homes built today are called. They are constructed entirely on the site and are not previously built in a factory or in sections.

Unique Mobile Homes

With a portability being their strength, a variety of homes on wheels comprise the mobile home that can easily be moved. Some might have showers and electricity and are complete in themselves. Renting one of these small spaces might but you in a former school bus, in the bed of a pickup truck, inside a cargo trailer or in another very unusual space.

Renting a Mobile Home

Renting mobile homes has become popular more recently, as designs have changed and people want vacation homes, offices or retirement home.

With homes that are recently built, many residents will choose pre leasing to assure that they have the home of their choice. A new mobile home might include an island kitchen, dishwasher, large living room and two or three bedrooms as well as a front porch. Some mobile homes available for leasing are within a 55+ community; this is especially popular in Florida, where mobile home parks might include a clubhouse and pool.

Renting mobile homes might include enjoying a screened sunroom as well as carport. Because leasing is often easier than buying a mobile home, those who rent can use the home as a vacation getaway, when they escape the northern climates and the cold weather.

Finding Dealers of Mobile Homes

Many dealers sell a variety of manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes. You can tour their furnished models to get a feel for what it would be like to live in a mobile home. By doing a search, within your desired state, of "mobile home dealers", you can find dealers that can show you custom construction and the type of home you are looking for.

A dealer may have homes for sale on their own lot; you can choose your home style, color options, appliances as well as select your site. If you plan on leasing the home, you can discuss this with the dealer who owns the site. Dealers can walk you through the process of building your dream home in a community that includes abundant amenities, such as golf course, swimming pool, club house and fitness center.

In some cases, when you buy a mobile home, you also pay a monthly space rent to the park where it is located. When you move, you must sell the home, since some parks do not allow leasing out the home.

Leased land will involve your paying for use of the land; you can then add a mobile home to the property. The property owner might also charge you a maintenance fee.

Renting Mobile Homes in a Mobile Home Park

If you are renting in a mobile home park, you will be paying the rent on the home as well as park fees every month. Also on the budget should be water, electricity, sewer, gas, trash collection and in some cases, maintenance fees for clubhouse, pool, etc. However, you will not be paying property taxes if renting is your choice.

When it comes to mobile homes, the choices are many. Aside from deciding whether leasing or buying is better for you, finding the right park or land is another choice. Talk to dealers as well as mobile home renters and buyers and then make a choice to live in your ideal community.